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Created by a college student

Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) a real “disease”?

What can I do to protect my child from psychiatric labeling and drugging?

AbleChild receives thousands of visitors each month.  We receive hundreds of letters and contact forms from consumers around the country and throughout the world.  Here are some comments we wanted to share.

I agree with many of your concerns regarding the Adam Lanza case.

I’ve been looking and searching on the web for help, and I came across this site and it made me hope for some help.

I’m a mother of a 7 year old, 1st grader in public school and I am dealing with adhd issues. I feel like I’ve been pressured by the school to medicate my child they were basically acting like they were going to call every single day make me leave work and pick my son up if he wasn’t medicated.

Congratulations to your organization for shining a light in your most recent e-mail on issues that are invisible to the general public until aggressive profiteers encroach on one’s family bonds and prescribe their impersonal, “scientific,” narcissistic credentialed arrogant ignorance. Thank you for representing the best interests of any consumer  human being who just wants to be informed before being biologically and, or genetically altered.

I am a huge fan of AbleChild

Your organization motivated me to return to college and seek out a career in victim advocacy. I am ever so grateful for your information and support.

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