Board of Directors

Ablechild’s National Board of Directors is a select group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, bound by their shared interests in educating the public regarding subjective psychiatric labels like ADD/ADHD.   The board consists of professionals in medicine, education and psychology, as well as other related fields. These professionals advocate for children and adults in a two-fold step process.  They believe in, and uphold, the standard of “Informed Consent,” providing accurate information on psychiatric diagnoses, psychiatric labeling, and drug “treatment.” They know without “Informed Consent,” parents, caregivers, children, and all others, would have a difficult time in making well thought out, educated decisions. In addition, our board members believe that under a person’s Right to Liberty, he or she has the right to choose “treatment,” or be able to opt out of “treatment.”  Each feels strongly that a person should never be forced to undergo any form of “treatment.” Ablechild Board Members advocate for children’s health, safety and well-being. Our organization consists of unique and outspoken individuals willing to take a stand for healthy, safe drug-free approaches to mental health or educational issues.  Today there are many organizations which advocate and promote psychiatric labels and drug “treatment for children and adults while pocketing pharmaceutical dollars.  This is a “Conflict of Interest”.  Ablechild promotes neither, psychiatric labels or drug “treatment,” and for over four years has been self funded out of its parent representative’s own pockets.  These parents are dedicated to helping others find effective non-drug solutions for attention and behavioral issues.  Likewise, Ablechild’s Board is not in anyway compromised in professionalism and its members are not tied to drug company dollars. Ablechild’s board will work diligently toward reform in mental health and education.  It will set annual initiatives and goals that will pave the way for positive and effective changes within mental health and education.

William Glasser, M.D.William Glasser, M.D.  (May 11, 1925 – August 23, 2013)

Dr. Glasser was an internationally recognized psychiatrist who was best known as the author of Reality Therapy, a method of psychotherapy he created in 1965 and that is now taught all over the world. His approach was non-traditional. He did not believe in the concept of mental illness unless there was something organically wrong with the brain that could be confirmed by a pathologist. Born in 1925 and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Glasser later attended medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and took his psychiatric training at the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Los Angeles and at UCLA from 1954-57. It was there that he began his break with psychiatric tradition that had continued throughout his life. He was initially a Chemical Engineer but went into psychiatry when it became apparent to him that this was his real interest in life. He became Board Certified in Psychiatry in 1961 and was in private practice (using Reality Therapy) from 1957 to 1986. Glasser’s path had been one of a continuing progression in private practice, lecturing and writing, ultimately culminating in the publication of over twenty books. After writing the counseling book, Reality Therapy, in 1965, he added education with Schools Without Failure in 1969, greatly expanded the understanding of motivation and behavior with Choice Theory in 1998, and finally helped people improve their own mental health or happiness, with Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health, in 2003. Read Dr. Glasser’s Letter on behalf of Ablechild and our work. Ablechild was saddened to hear about the passing of its Board Member, Dr. Glasser, a true pioneer within psychiatry who was never afraid to speak out about his non drug approach, recognizing that the individual is accountable for his/her actions, behaviors and ultimately his/her life.  Dr. Glasser was highly respected and will deeply be missed by all in our organization.

AbleChild’s Note – Dr. Glasser was an inspiration to us all.  He was dedicated to his work and committed to sharing psychiatric drug risks and non drug treatments to the public.  He served on our Board up until his death in 2013.  He will be missed sorely.  His profession, psychiatry has lost a valuable and wonderfully innovative man who in all sense of the word, “championed” human rights.

Fred Baughman, M.D.Fred Baughman, M.D.

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD has been an adult & child neurologist, in private practice, for 35 years. Making “disease” (real diseases–epilepsy, brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, etc.) or “no disease” (emotional, psychological, psychiatric) diagnoses daily, he has discovered and described real, bona fide diseases. It is this particular medical and scientific background that has led him to view the “epidemic” of one particular “disease”–Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)–with increasing alarm. Dr. Baughman describes this himself. Referring to psychiatry, he says: “They made a list of the most common symptoms of emotional discomfiture of children; those which bother teachers and parents most, and in a stroke that could not be more devoid of science or Hippocratic motive–termed them a ‘disease.’ Twenty five years of research, not deserving of the term ‘research,’ has failed to validate ADD/ADHD as a disease. Tragically–the “epidemic” having grown from 500 thousand in 1985 to between 5 and 7 million today–this remains the state of the ‘science’ of ADHD.”

Mary Ann Block, D.O.Mary Ann Block, D.O.

Dr. Mary Ann Block is an international expert on the treatment of ADHD without drugs and a recognized healthcare leader for her natural and practical approach to children’s health. Dr. Block is the author of the top-selling books, No More ADHD, No More Ritalin and No More Antibiotics: Treating Ear and Respiratory Infections the Natural Way and Today I Will Not Die, the story of how she helped her mother survive terminal lung cancer in 1991. Dr. Block was compelled to go to medical school at the age of 39 to save her daughter after doctors made the child ill with inappropriate use of drugs for bladder infections. Today her daughter is a healthy adult as a result of her mother’s determination and devotion. Dr. Block was honored by the Ladies` Home Journal and The Lifetime Channel for helping her daughter in such an inspirational way. As Medical Director of The Block Center in the Dallas area, an international clinic for adults and children with chronic health problems, Dr. Block now offers other parents the same kind of health care she desperately needed for her own child. A tireless advocate for children, Dr. Block has been traveling the country speaking to parent and professional groups and at legislative hearings on the dangers of the psychiatric drugging of our children. Dr. Block Chairs the Health and Empowerment Committee for the National Foundation for Women Legislators. Dr. Block has served as a peer reviewer for the Agency for Health-Care Policy and Research and the American Academy of Pediatrics for the diagnosis and treatment of ear problems. She holds a clinical faculty appointment at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and she served on the faculty as assistant professor at the University Of North Texas Health Science Center/Texas College Of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth, Texas . Dr. Block was the recipient of the Wayne O. Stockseth Award for Osteopathic Excellence, has served on the Board of Governors of the American Academy of Osteopathy and was selected for Who’s Who in Healthcare in Tarrant County by The Tarrant County Business Press and is a member of Leadership Texas.

John Breeding, Ph.D.John Breeding, Ph.D.

Dr. John Breeding is a psychologist with a well-established private counseling practice in Austin, Texas. A significant part of his work involves counseling with parents and children. He lectures and leads workshops for parents and educators on handling the challenge of a child who is labeled a “problem.” He is director of Wildest Colts Resources, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to assist adults in becoming more effective in their work with young people, offering non-drug alternatives to helping young people who are having a hard time. He is also director of Texans For Safe Education, a citizens group dedicated to challenging the ever-increasing role of psychiatry, especially psychiatric drugs, in the schools. Dr. Breeding is also active on other challenges of psychiatric oppression, including electroshock, and the psychiatric drugging of elders in nursing homes. Dr. Breeding obtained his doctorate in School Psychology from the University of Texas. He is the author of three books, The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses, The Necessity of Madness and Unproductivity: Psychiatric Oppression or Human Transformation, and True Nature and Great Misunderstandings.

Trevor James Tebbs Ph.D.Trevor James Tebbs Ph.D.

Dr. Tebbs’ interest in Ablechild springs from his direct experience of dysfunctional young people battling against a labeled and “medicated” history from their early years in school. Convinced of a more holistic approach in which personal engagement and informed decision-making contributes to healthy educational and emotional development, he views “medication” as the primary means of treating various “disorders” both troublesome and potentially unhealthy. He believes we are in the midst of a cultural phenomenon of young people, and their parents deserve to know more. With almost 40 years experience and qualifications in art, special & regular education Dr. Tebbs has taught K – 16+ students in regular, special, art, gifted, primary, secondary, and post secondary educational settings in the both the UK and USA . His educational psychology doctoral degree from the University of Connecticut concentrates on gifted education and counseling. He studied with Dr. Joseph Renzulli at the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented. Dr. Tebbs enjoys teaching, coaching, and counseling young people. College level students describe him as “a great professor” and “inspirational” and his classes “extraordinarily great”. In May 2002, University of Connecticut honors students awarded him as a ‘true innovator’ and in 2003 he received professional and state recognition for excellence in teaching. Presently, Dr. Tebbs has one two year old grandchild – an intense little person! Dr. Tebbs suspects Hallie may pose a problem in a system basically unprepared for children like her. He fears someone is going to say to his daughter, “Your child is disordered. Something is wrong. She needs help.” With this in mind, he believes it imperative that parents no longer remain ignorant of any insightful information when pondering the development of their able children and any associated problems arising during that process. As far as he is concerned, a life is at stake. Read Trevor’s Article

Sharon Steele KientzSharon Steele Kientz, Teacher (April 26, 1941 – June 24, 2015)

Ms. Sharon Steele Kientz is a retired teacher, an active musician and a current school board member. She retired in 1997 after a 23 year career in the classroom, 21 years teaching kindergarten children how to read with systematic, explicit phonics with a rich program of music and movement included in the daily curriculum. In 1995 Sharon was honored as Teacher of the Year by the National Right to Read Foundation. She also received a commendation from the California Legislative Assembly for her success in teaching children how to read. From 1999 to 2001 she received three appointments from the California Department of Education and served on panels selecting beginning reading programs and establishing performance standards for the language arts/reading assessment. In 1998 she was elected to the school board in her Sierra foothill retirement community. In March of 2005 she was successful in bringing to a unanimous affirmative vote a board policy statement that prohibits school personnel from diagnosing ADD/ADHD or recommending or requiring psychotropic drugs for students. In March of 2004 she testified before the California Assembly Education Committee on an eventually defeated bill that would have given the same protection to all California students.

William MatthewsWilliam.P.Matthews

William Matthew is the former Vice President of Equitable Life Insurance Society and former Founder and CEO of GIC Management Company.  In addition, William served 3 years in the US Navy as a Lt.Jg and served on Hastings on Hudson School Board as Financial Office.  Today he is the President of Sea Oaks, Tennis Villa Association in Vero Beach, Florida as well as Treasurer of Sears Point Condominium Association in Brewster, MA.

A devoted father of five children, Matthews watched his five children thrive during their summers on Cape Cod and understood that setting his children free to explore and experience the wonders of nature on the Cape, provided an important sense of independence and freedom.  That same sense of independence and wonder has been passed on to his seven grandchildren. According to Matthews, “there isn’t a perfect recipe for raising children but, certainly, the natural mind – free from chemical onslaught – and open to wonder, offers limitless potential.”

Derek Braslow, Attorney


Derek is known for his compassion to clients and his passion in pursuing justice. He has been a leader in the legal field, notable for being one of the first attorneys to file suit on behalf of families who lost a child, spouse or parent to suicide as a result of psychotropic medication and one of the first to file a suit against investigators, sponsors and institutional review boards for conducting unethical human clinical trials. He has not only represented clients injured by drugs and medical devices but has represented doctors and consumers against insurers, employees wrongfully withheld wages or discriminated against by their employers and those harmed by consumer fraud. Recognized by his peers and clients as a skilled and dedicated attorney, Derek has been voted by his colleagues as a Rising Star and SuperLawyer in the area of Pharmaceutical and Mass Tort litigation in each of the last four years.

Michael Montanaro, Orthodontist  meet-dr-michael-montanaro

Dr. Montanaro is an innovative individual who strives to give each patient friendly and personalized attention and develop meaningful relationships that last long after the conclusion of treatment. Michael is a lifelong resident of Connecticut, growing up in Trumbull and Easton.  His wife and him now live in Easton where he enjoys listening to rock & roll music.

Patricia Weathers, AbleChild Co-Founder  

Patricia Weathers

Patricia Weathers is a co-founder of AbleChild, and the mother of two sons.  She has testified at US Congressional Hearings (9/29/00 and 9/26/02) on the role of behavioral drugs and school, and in 2004 testified before the FDA at a hearing on antidepressant drugs and their link to violence and suicide ideation. Weathers played a key role in the FDA’s implementation of the Black Box Warnings on antidepressants in 2004, a victory for all human rights crusaders everywhere.  Weathers along with Sheila Matthews founded AbleChild in 2001, championing parental and child rights to ensure that all individuals have the right to full informed consent and the right to refuse psychological and psychiatric services, upheld. Ablechild, under Weather’s leadership, is an organization that gives voice to parents everywhere struggling with various issues such as ADD/ADHD and other psychiatric labels, forced child drugging, informed consent and the right to privacy.  She has been featured on numerous media outlets including Good Morning America, Hannity and Colmes, The Today Show, the New York Times to name a few. Weathers, a native of New York State, is a staunch advocate of homeschooling due to her first hand negative experience in both public and traditional private sectors. More about Patricia Weathers

Sheila Matthews, Ablechild FounderSheila Matthews, Ablechild Founder

Sheila Matthews, mother of two teenage boys, is the co-founder of AbleChild. She is a resident of Connecticut, and in 2001 was the first mother to successfully testify on behalf of the First State Law in the United States prohibiting school personnel from recommending psychotropic drugs to parents. Matthews advocated on behalf of children in Connecticut State care to effectively remove certain dangerous antidepressants from use on foster care children/wards of the State. Matthews participates nationwide in conferences and seminars and testifies on the federal level on behalf of AbleChild and the families who need AbleChild services. She has been featured on a number of high profile media outlets including CNN, FOX, Time Magazine (Sept. 10, 2001 Ed.), as well as numerous radio stations throughout the Country. More about Sheila Matthews

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