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Operation Bulletin Board: Click, Print, Post
Public Awareness Campaign: A Plan to Get Important Information Into Your Schools and Community!!!

We are seeing more initiatives from industry driven, profit focused mental health groups to put forth more misleading information into the public regarding ADD/ADHD and other behavior disorders. With the recent FDA hearings on the dangers of Antidepressants, we are seeing first-hand that these groups do not have our children’s interests at heart, due to their failure to disclose the seriousness and risks of these drugs to the public.

With this in mind, we have unveiled “Operation Bulletin Board: Click, Print, and Post” an initiative by people dedicated to ensure and preserve both INFORMED CONSENT and YOUR RIGHT TO REFUSE.

We ask that all individuals and groups join us in this effort by clicking on the below links, printing out the information given, and posting it on your child’s school bulletin board, as well as community boards, and local libraries.

We have had tremendous success with your help in getting our petition against mandated mental health screenings out to the public. Currently, there are over 7,000 signatures from dedicated people who support this effort. We wish to thank all of you that have signed onto this. Without your help this plan would not be a success.

Public awareness of this issue is crucial to effect change. The inundation of Misleading and False information that continues to be spread by those with vested interests MUST be challenged.

People have continued to contact us asking what more they can do to help with this cause.

There is more to be done, and everyone’s help is needed . Please take part in this effort. Remember with your help, we can make a difference.

Please follow the below steps that describe course of action.

  1. Click on each link listed below for your convenience. You can pick and choose the ones that you feel will draw people to this issue. You do not have to post every one, but the more you print and post the more certain we can be of getting the word out! Making the public aware of our sites and the wealth of information within them will in fact open the doors to the many other sites linked with us created by the many other crusaders of children’s rights!
  1. Click Print at the bottom of the page to print the page out in Adobe Reader. We have provided a link for a free download for Adobe Reader if you do not currently have it. Please install if need be and then print.
  1. Post on School Bulletin Boards, Community Boards, Libraries, Supermarkets, or any other public area that you feel will get the information to the public.

Thank you for all your important efforts and your support!!!!


Texans for Safe Education

The Block Center

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