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Parents BEWARE:

More ‘JUNK SCIENCE' revealed as Department of Defense put common Rating Scales to test!!!


So you've learned that a school or doctor wants to test your child for ADHD. Here are some facts that you need to be aware of:

Are you aware that there are NO OBJECTIVE SCIENTIFIC tests validated by any Federal, State or local Governments anywhere in the World? Objective, scientific tests would include those for blood, urine, bile or bodily fluids, which reveal biologic or organic problems. To restate, objective tests further reveal real traceable problems that can be found by any legitimate lab through reliable repeatability.

“Rating scales”, “checklists”, “surveys”, and “questionnaires” being used to diagnose a child with ADHD/ADD are entitled CPT's or Continuous Performance Tests. Sadly, in many instances these above measures are being misrepresented to parents as accurate tests, which reveal whether a child has ADHD/ADD or not.

Read what an independent Medical Organization, Tricare, has revealed about the 'value' of these testing mechanisms. The Department of Defense had hired Tricare to evaluate the reliability of these measures and all parents need to see the results!!! Click below link to read document in its entirety.

Summary excerpts below:

..."the utility of the CPT as a stand-alone diagnostic tool is not high. Even so, we would not expect the diagnostic utility of any test or behavioral rating scale to be high when it is used as the sole instrument for diagnosis."

...We identified only one guideline that addressed the issue of CPTs and medication for ADHD. The guideline questioned whether the behaviors measured by CPT tests were representative of behaviors likely to be expressed by children in more natural settings (e.g., home or school). The guideline concluded that the applicability of CPTs to monitor treatment for ADHD is “unproven or even absent.”

..." Although there is clinical evidence indicating that the dose of methylphenidate given to a child affects CPT performance, these trials did not validate the CPT by correlating its results to diagnosis of ADHD or to individual treatment related outcomes such as school performance."

..." All of the guidelines we retrieved advised against use of CPT scores alone for diagnosis of ADHD. Although some guidelines recognized some usefulness of the CPT during diagnosis and management, none specified any particular purpose for CPTs other than research."

Click Here to read document in full.