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Congressman Ron Paul's bill—The Parental Consent Act

Manager for Ron Paul 2008 and former Executive Director of the Liberty Committee discusses the federal plan to screen all US schoolchildren for mental disorders, and how this prompted Congressman Ron Paul to introduced the Parental Consent Act to counter this Orwellian plan which will lead to more US children diagnosed with subjective mental disorders and put on psychiatric drugs.

Hannity's America with Doug Kennedy on Antidepressants

Fox News, Hannity's America with Doug Kennedy, on antidepressants, violence, suicide, and homicide.

Fox News Big Story with Doug Kennedy on Big Pharma's Lie

Fox News Big Story with Douglas Kennedy on how Big Pharma leaves out the bad studies and downplays the nasty side effects of their highly addictive drugs.

No Science No Cure.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights video at the APA convention. Dec 2007

Correlation Between Prescription Drugs, Children and Violence

Lee Spiller and Dr. Moira Dolan recently appeared on television to comment on Tom Cruise's statements about psychiatry and postpartum depression. WOAI is the same station that exposed all the drugging that's going on in the foster care system, too

Hannity's America

Fox News with Doug Kennedy reporting on antidepressants, violence, suicide, and homicide.

  The Dangers of ADHD
  Death from ADD/ADHD Drugs
Too Many Kids on Psych Drugs #1
Too Many Kids on Psych Drugs #2
T oo Many Kids on Psych Drugs #3

Fox, Douglas Kennedy, Lilly Pays $1.42 Billion in Zyprexa Suit

Trailer to “Generation Rx” a Powerful Documentary Film by Kevin Miller

The Candace Downing Story- Antidepressants and their Link to Suicide

“Prescription Suicide” Trailer

The Truth About Antidepressants #1

Dr. Timothy Scott, psychologist and author of the book, "America Fooled"

The Truth About Antidepressants #2

Soma State #1

Former Pharmaceutical Rep Gwen Olsen and Robert Manciero, Director of the Emmy Award winning film “Prescription Suicide” on Alex Jones Radio

Soma State #2
Soma State #3
Soma State #4
Soma State #5

Ex-Pharmaceutical Rep. Speaks Out

More Gwen Olsen, Whistleblower, exposing pharmaceutical agenda

Ex Drug Rep - Manipulating Doctors

Dr. John Rengen Virapen, Blows the Whistle on his Former ‘Big Pharma’ Employer
Dr. John Rengen Virapen worked 35 years for Eli Lilly & Co as an executive. He now speaks out on the many crimes “Big Pharma” was and is responsible for and he himself also participated in. Unfortunately, many of its crimes go passed public awareness as it enjoys the unethical protection from its big allies, the mainstream media, the FDA and governments.

Mind Games. The dangers of antidepressants and the role of Pharmaceutical Companies. bbc.com.

Austin's Story


Teen Screen

TeenScreen - Controversial and Unscientific

Allen Jon es, Former Investigator, Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General, Renowned Whistleblower talks about TeenScreen


Foster Care Issues

Child's Death was Anything but a Suicide


The Parental Consent Act

Congressman Ron Paul's bill

The Parental
Consent Act


Mothers Act

FDA: Infant Deaths from Antidepressants (MOTHERS Act)
Why We Must Stop the Mothers Act 
Melanie’s Voice
In Memory of Indiana (Effexor Infant Death-Antidepressants Pregnancy MOTHERS Act)
In Memory of Matthew Schultz (Effexor Baby Pregnancy Infant Death MOTHERS Act)
ABC: Prescription for Pain 8-06 (Zoloft suicidal homicidal)